I miss you, Australia.

I miss you, Glenelg Beach.

I miss the cold sand in the morning rushing through my toes.

I miss staying alone by the water while the sun comes up.

I miss the small white dog running at the beach, when I wake up early in the morning.

I miss to cry out in the middle of nowhere  just because I’m alive.

I miss the taste of chocolate-cookies in the morning.

I miss the talks to the inspiring people I was allowed to meet.

I miss the Great Ocean Road with all the thunder and storm.

I miss the lonely cliff, that nobody recognized.

I miss the radio station with the classical australian music.

I miss the tears I cried because of feeling so alone.

I miss the walk through the small harbor.

I miss the little kangaroo, that lived a day with me near my camper van.

I miss the unbelievable nice people that I just got to know for a short period of time.


I miss all the small things

letting me feel,

that it’s the end

of the world.

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